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Here Are Incredible Ways On How To Use Your Old School Tees


Everybody has that one t-shirt that they cannot get rid of because they are so attached to it. Some people do hold onto these t-shirts until they get tatted without knowing what to do with them. However, there are so many ways in which one can make use of these old tees. Listed below are some of those ways in which one can make these garments useful.


Vintage Headbands


When vintage band tees is no longer in use, a person can cut the wrist and use that as a headband. It could be useful when you're going for sports, or you just don't have a hair band, or you just want to look stylish. In some situations, if you don't like the way that behind looks, one has a chance of adding a flower spice up the style.


A House Rag


Since you just want to be seeing your t-shirt around using it as a rag in the house can be one of those ways of ensuring it stays around. Most of these Old School Tees what so well as a rag mainly if the material was good quality. Again one will be happy to see that their best tee is being used in the house to clean rather than being disposed of all the time.


A Handbag


Another way of making sure that you were t-shirt stays close to you is by making it a handbag. One can collect some of your favorite old school t-shirts and get a company to transform them into a beautiful tote or a bag. It is like keeping your memories close to you considering that one will be using this item now and then. You may read further about t-shirts at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threadless.


Turning Them Into A Pillow


One can collect their favorite old t-shirts and look for a company that is willing to transform them into pillows. The art is sophisticated, and an individual cannot do it alone; however, you need to get the right skills from a good website or video online. If one sees the instructions are not clear it is always recommended to look for a company that specializes in such considering the art needs some skills.


Make It Wall Art


It is one of the most inexpensive ideas a person can implement considering all you need to do it is cut out their art apart put it on cardboard and frame it. If your t-shirt has more than one art, a person can cut them separately and make something creative out of that. There is no particular style that one is supposed to follow so just be creative.